Looking Foward, No Turning Back.


I can’t believe it’s the close of another year. What a year it has been for me! God has been so awesome to me this year. He’s given me more than I truly deserve. I love to look back on my year and talk of God’s goodness. I also like to write out some goals and aspirations for the new year.

I love a fresh start, a clean slate, ready to fill up with joys and struggles. I love a new day, a new week, and a new year. It’s the chance to get things right and to learn. Through all the joys we can rejoice and through all the trials we can learn. I love reflecting back on the year and thanking God for it all. He really did some wow things this year for our family and for me personally. He’s taken me to the valley and to the mountain top. There have been awesome moments and there have been horrible moments. Through it all though, I can say that I am not who I was when I began the year 2014. God has challenged me and pushed me harder than ever before I feel like. Sickness, struggles, moves, and ridding of myself. He’s done it all.

God has done big things and small things for us. I love how He just works everything out. I’m a type A personality and love having things planned out, that includes my life. Well, with God I am learning I can plan until I’m blue in the face, but He ordains my steps. He already knows what will happen each second of each hour of each day of the year in 2015. I can definitely take comfort in that and that He truly knows best.

I can look back and see things that I have let go and things I have gained. I can see where I have grown through the trials and where I still need to grow. I’m learning, still, to let God rid me of myself and to cling to what is holy. It’s not easy. It’s not fun. But it is for my good. To be more like my Savior, that is my plea. To be a light to those around me even if it’s just my children and husband (which is not downplaying them at all), that I will be. My plans are just that, my plans. His plans though y’all, are amazing and perfect.

Looking into 2015, I don’t know what to expect. I know only one thing: to Him be the glory. I can plan out my year and it can all fall apart in a matter of seconds. Death, tragedy, and circumstances can change all that I think is good. So I will seek Him and I will pray that I’m like the clay, willing to be molded. Molded into more of His image, His character, and His life. I look forward for 2015 and what God wants to do in me and my family. As long as my family and I are in His will, I’m satisfied. For there’s no better place to be than in the middle of His Will.

We have a lot to look back and thank God for. If not for God’s goodness we wouldn’t have anything to be thankful for in our lives. He does more than we can comprehend and more than we deserve.

What about you? What’s some great things God has done for you this past year?



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