Going Through the Motions

Hollie is writing today on the blog. I know you’ll be encouraged by Hollie’s words today. It was so timely for me.

The other day I was in the car when a song about not wanting to go through the motions came on the local Christian radio station. The lyrics talk about how “just okay is not enough” and the need for feeling intense passion from God all the time. The lyrics caused me to think and ask myself questions for the remainder of my trip. Is “just okay” really not enough? Do we need to be on fire with passion from God constantly? Or does passion from/for the Lord always look like something besides going through the motions?

If I am honest with myself, then I know my life as of late has consisted of a lot of going through the motions. Sometimes after a sleepless night—waking up and going through the motions—doing the next thing really is indicative of a passion from God: a passion to be a good wife, to build up my house instead of tearing it down, to honor my husband, and rear my children in the fear of the Lord.Because going through the motions is often the last thing I want to do. Pulling the blankets over my head and catching up on some sleep sounds so much better!

I think going through the motions shows obedience. It shows faith … even when we don’t feel God, we honor Him by walking in His ways. During times of trials and darkness, going through the motions may be the only thing we can manage.

And that’s okay.

In fact, that’s wonderful.

It shows obedience and obedience shows love of God. The Bible says we should love God’s law and delight in it. His Word is His law and in it we find that we are to put others before ourselves. We find we are to die to ourselves. This will look different in the lives of different people, but it may just look like going through the motions when everything around you is uncertain: waking up, making breakfast, folding clothes, schooling the kids when it is the last thing you want to do. And very often, your heart will follow where you lead and you will find yourself delighting in the work the Lord has called you to once again.


Hollie is a Christian wife, mother, and aspiring blogger. She strives to apply biblical theology to the everyday challenges of motherhood. Aside from her duties in the home, she dabbles in natural health/living and homesteading. She resides with her husband and four children in the Piedmont region of Virginia and blogs at Dermer Days.

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