Home Sweet Home

Kelly is sharing her heart on the blog today. I know you’ll be encouraged by her words!


Just recently we moved for the 10th time since Will and I have been married for 11 years. Yes, that is correct number 10! I know that sounds horrible, but when I think about it we’ve only lived in 4 different cities and 2 different states. Now, don’t get me wrong I know God provided for us in every place we’ve been, but I’m TIRED OF MOVING!! When He moves us, we move. Simple as that really. Moving so many times is annoying, but a lot of good comes from this as well.

  • We get rid of things not needed. Because we’ve moved so much, we simply have gotten rid of things that we don’t need. I think of how bad it would be if we had stayed in the same house for 11 years. Whew! I don’t know if the motivation would be there to sort and get rid of. Maybe we can pretend we are moving every year to prevent a hoarding experience.
  • We get to meet new people. I really do love meeting new people. Sometimes my introverted self can get in the way, but it has been a great way for me to practice my people skills. I’ve learned there are all kinds of people in this world, and even if we can’t agree on everything I can still love them.
  • We get out of our comfort zone. This is a big one for me. I do not like change. God knows this, but He keeps changing my surroundings. He knows it’s good for me though. I rely on Him more when I’m out of my comfort zone.
  • We are there for each other as our little family. We have learned to depend on God for all things, and on each other also. There is a mutual trust and respect there. My kids aren’t perfect, but I do think they love each other and would defend each other no matter what.
  • We are reminded of where our eternal home is. With every move we have endured, I am reminded that this earth is just a place for now. Where God placed us for now for His purpose, for His glory. My eternal home will be with God, FOREVER. Wow! Forever is a long time.

This move is different. Why? We both feel like this is gonna be a longer stay, to put some better, deeper roots in. First time ever! We can’t say for sure how long, but God wants us here for such a time as this. So in the big picture no matter how many times we move or how long we stay put, it’s such a short time. While I’m here, I want to use my earthly home for His glory. We have been opening up our home for our church to meet since the beginning of January. It has been the best decision for our church. I’m learning that a church doesn’t have to have a steeple, but the church is God’s people.


Kelly and her husband Will have been married 11 years. They have 3 kids, Katelyn (9), Isaiah (4), and Zack (2). They have been church planters in Hutto, TX , outside of Austin, for 1 year and are currently having church services in their home. Please continue to pray for their ministry!


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Thank you for sharing Kelly! Even though my family has not gone through those actual physical moves, I can definitely relate to emotional and spiritual moves with growth in my life. Changes jobs and positions is a big move and has some of the very same effects/benefits! Love your family so much! Will be praying for you all as you continue to follow God’s leading and His journey!

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  2. I think two of those moves were back to the same place where my family got to work and worship with you. By the way the twins say, “hi”! Thank you for sharing!

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