He knows the plan…

Today Patti is sharing her testimony. I know you’ll be encouraged by her words!

If you have not had the amazing privilege to ever attend a Youth Summer Church Camp, may I recommend to you to send your children or even volunteer as a chaperone to go, just once….I feel sure it would be an experience you will never forget.


It was at a summer church camp when I was 9 that I met the Lord, Jesus Christ. I remember it so vividly and will only have a sweeter moment when I am eternally with my Lord in heaven. I can not describe the overwhelming feeling that came over me, nor can I explain how I even got down to the alter that night. We were in one of the worship services and I remember sitting in my seat, the next thing I know I am with a counselor crying so heavily that I could barely breathe. The counselor, bless her heart was so worried about me, because of my tears….but I just kept telling her “They are tears of joys, I am just so happy”. Uncontrollable, complete JOY- that is the only way I can explain it. I truly felt free that night. Once we were back home I met with my pastor to discuss my being Saved and what exactly happened before being baptized. I remember sitting in his office, a little nervous but absolutely confident and sure that Jesus had come into my heart just a week prior. He asked a few questions and he was just as sure as I was, even asking about the note the counselor wrote on the “Salvation Card” that was submitted…..”overcome with tears of joy, uncontrollable sobbing”   Again, I explained Tears of Joy, Happiness. That next Sunday I was baptized, but even greater both of my sisters had also been saved at this same church camp. The three of us were all baptized the same night, what an amazing night for my parents- I know it was His Plan.

There is something about a child’s heart, pure, innocent, believing and faithful…uncorrupted with the things of this world. However, despite our best efforts like Toys R Us and Peter Pan so frankly put it, “We don’t want to Grow up” but it happens and the sweet taste of joy, happiness and freedom can leave us. As we live and grow, we continue in our walk through this temporary world, faced with trials and decisions that we have to make.

When I think back on the years I have been blessed with, some of the choices I have made and the people I have hurt, my hearts aches to know how I must have grieved my Jesus. But Praise God, Joy Does Come in the Morning! I can honestly say that through everything I have been through in my life, I know that there was never a time when the Lord was not with me, He never left me. I think back on situations where it had to be nothing less than God Almighty and the Holy Spirit protecting me. Keeping His Plans for me that He had from the start…just waiting for this wayward spirit to come back to Him with full and complete surrender. Just as a sheep never forgets the shepherd, that moment did happen. It was not overnight and it is still a daily commitment to continue, but My GOD!

There are not words to express the understanding that I now have of My Jesus, His Sacrifice, and what He has called us to do as Christians. I Love Him so! He is the ever-present spring of life inside my soul, flowing through me…without Him, I am nothing; an empty clay vessel.

You have purpose, He knows the plan for your life. Won’t you allow Him to take over and show you?  ” For I know the Plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

PattiPatti Hendricks lives in Saltillo, MS and is 32 years old. She’s a wife, mother, and step-mom. Patti and her family are members at Cross Pointe Ministries, in Tupelo, MS. Pattie and her husband, Scott, have the opportunity to help teach a Wednesday night class, Connection Pointe, at Cross Pointe Ministries. She writes Holy Spirit inspired poems, songs, devotional messages, and spoken Word spirituals. Enjoying her time writing, she is looking forward to what the Lord has for her and her family in 2015. In all things, she is committed to continuing in the Lord’s work and growing His Kingdom through her example, witness, and the words the Holy Spirit puts in her heart.


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