That Longing, We All Have It.


The longing to be something important, to be something big. That longing creeps up on me before I know it. I want to be known for something great. I want to help others burn with passion in life. I want to make a difference. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ve always envisioned doing something great. Writing a book (that hit it big), going overseas to do mission work, or something else along those lines. Just something that inspired others to live for our God. It’s one that is deep inside of me. Do you feel the same way?

Then I look around. I see these beautiful, smiling children. My children. They long for someone to teach them something, though they don’t know that yet. They have a longing to know right from wrong. They have a longing to do good and love. I feel almost ashamed at my ignorance. How can I not see that I can make a difference? I can inspire others to burn with passion in life. I have three little men who I can impart His fire into and His passion for truth into. As parents (particularly Moms) we can make all the difference in the world with our children. I’ve been writing for sometime now and I love it. It is something I can’t stop and words just come. That’s a passion of mine, to inspire others with words. Not eloquent words, but words that are raw, real, and true.

We have great opportunities to minister to our children each day. We can love them well, teach them how to be kind, and how to serve others. Taking care of them while they are sick, encouraging them when they do good (even when they don’t), and correcting them when they have done wrong. Those things are so important. If we don’t teach them how to live according to His Word (Law) then who will? The world will teach them it’s ways. We know the ways of the world are destructive, we see that just from looking around our world today. So your “job” is important, it does matter very much. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t important and you aren’t doing something great. You are doing something profound if you are raising your children according to the words from our Father.

I’ve stepped away from writing for now. I will write, but I doubt I will hit publish. When the time is in His will again, I will share and write. I just have to do as He leads. Don’t grow weary Mamas. Rise up and grow in His joy that will be your strength for the hard days! We are so vital to our families and our communities. Keep sowing good and you will see a harvest beyond your wildest dreams.

Father, thank You for the calling of Motherhood. It is such a bittersweet ministry. It’s hard and rough. It’s beautiful and messy. It’s a beautiful picture of our relationship with You. May we love as You love and lead as You desire. Help us to be strong Moms in Your Word. Help us to have joy even in the hard times. Help us to see You in all circumstances and to stand even when we don’t feel like it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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