I’m thankful for…



I’m thankful for… a Father who loves me with no conditions. He lavishes His love on me and sees what He desires me to be.

I’m thankful for… the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ. He died to free me from the curse of the law, death. I have eternal life through his offering.

I’m thankful for… my husband. He is a hard working, selfless man. He works without complaining so endlessly for us. He does what many look down on. He serves, protects, and defends. He loves me and cherishes me. He loves our boys and trains them to be men.

I’m thankful for our boys… they are a treasure. All the fussing, fighting, whining, and chaos is worth it. They are worth it. Teaching them to be fearless for the Father and settle for nothing but Him. That’s our goal. Loving, training, teaching, and encouraging, that’s our duty.

I’m thankful for… the beauty that surrounds me each day. It’s breathtaking and leaves me in awe of how awesome our Creator really is.

I’m thankful for… family. Though life gets crazy and pulls us in different directions, we can agree on one thing, our love for one another. Holidays bring us back under one roof.

I’m thankful for… friends. We have some amazing friends. Friends from years ago and friends we’re just connecting with. Both are a blessing and a comfort. To have someone to do life with, is amazing.


I could go on and on. I have so much to be thankful for. God has been so good to me. Sometimes I don’t understand why me, but I accept the blessings anyway. He is such a good, good Father. We all have something to thank Him for, even in the trials, we can still thank Him.

I pray your Thanksgiving is a blessed day. Take time to just be with family and friends. Put the rush away. Just rest and be thankful.





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