Anticipating 2016



I can’t believe another year has almost come and gone. I made it through 2015 alive! That is an accomplishment for sure. It’s definitely been a year of changes for us. Some changes I’ve welcomed with open arms and other changes I’ve refused to accept. Too bad we can’t pick the changes we would like to occur in our lives. That would make it a little easier.

We’ve had laughs and tears this year. We’ve endured sadness and joy. Through it all, I am learning to just trust Him. At one point, I got tired of hearing that. It sounds so cliche especially when you’re going through something so painful. I realized that the Father is always near. Through the changes He is still there and He is still cares.

I’m looking forward to the new year. I know there will be more changes, many that I’m not expecting, but I’m okay with that. I know that my Father sees it all and knows what we need for our life. That is something I will have to remind myself of, I know. I forget all too soon that I can fall back into the arms of my Father and I can trust no matter what.

I pray you can look back and see His hand in your life. If you aren’t as close as you should be to Him, then don’t waste time, ask Him to draw you closer. I pray you can look ahead to the next year with anticipation of what He will do in your life.




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