5 Things I Learned From Unplugging


This past December I decided to take a whole month away from Facebook. I usually take a break for a few days before the new year begins. I like to clear my mind and focus on the upcoming year. This year I knew I needed the whole month. We can all get sucked into social media. Some like it more than others and some thrive on it. I like it so I can keep up with family and friends. I do have to admit my friends list has grown though and includes people I have never met. So you can imagine that I don’t just get on a few minutes and get right back off. Like most of you, I get sucked in.

I guess it can be a multiple of reasons. We like to know what’s going on and for me, as a stay-at-home Mom, it makes me feel like I’m not completely out of the loop. It’s not a bad thing, but when it consumes you, it’s definitely not good. As I was writing in my prayer journal and reading some Bible before bedtime, the Holy Spirit began to show me a few things about myself. I thought I would share them on here for others to be encouraged by.

I don’t have to know everyone’s business or see every status update. Ouch, I know, that hurts. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the business of others, whether good or bad. The happy news makes you want to just hug that person. The bad news wants to make you cry with them. Then, there’s the news that just makes you want to sucker punch someone. Emotions can bind us with those we’ve never met and more than likely never will. You feel as if you have to know what everyone is doing all the time. It can become overwhelming and very consuming. It felt good to not know everything someone shared. It felt good to not jump right on Facebook in the morning or before going to bed at night. There is nothing wrong with social media, if it’s kept in the rightful place. If I don’t ever get back on Facebook again, I will live, and so will you.

I can focus on the task at hand and do it well. It’s not very hard to get distracted in our tech world. Goodness. With t.v., tablets, phones, cameras, computers, and etc. we have a lot to choose from. I could go on and on with the technical distractions. I have a list each day of things to do. The list may not be long, but distractions can make it grow that’s for sure. I found that when I wasn’t worried about checking Facebook that I could focus a lot more on what is most important: seeking God, serving my husband, and training my children. It was amazing how I could wholeheartedly focus on cleaning, cooking, schooling, and helping my husband. I knew it would be this way, but I just never took initiative to get to this point. The Father wants us to be focused and to do our jobs well, whatever they may be. We owe it to others around us to be focused.

I can get more work done when my nose isn’t stuck online. When you focus on the task, that means you can get it done. When I focused on my list for the day instead of scrolling through Facebook, I actually got it taken care of and was able to sit down in the evening after supper. I thought why in the world did it take me so long before? Oh yes, Facebook. When I wasn’t grabbing my phone during a “break”, I went onto the next job and got it taken care of. It was so refreshing and wonderful! I knew the problem, but I didn’t want to take that step. I liked looking at everyone’s status updates and pictures. I felt it was my right. I tried to justify my actions by saying I can pray for them or with them. Using Facebook is not a bad thing, like I said before, but if it consumes you, I think it can be dangerous. It’s just like anything else in life, it can overtake you without you ever realizing it.

I compare less when I’m not on Facebook. This is one that I think every single person on the face of the planet deals with in their life. Whether you are on Facebook or not, you deal with comparison. Facebook ( or social media in general) just intensifies it on many levels.  Everyone naturally will post the good shots and the great news online. No one wants others to know they’re messed up, have issues, or don’t look like a beauty queen all the time. It’s human nature to cover up our weaknesses. So when you pop on Facebook you see the perfect people and you start to compare. She’s prettier, he’s more handsome, she’s thinner, or he seems to be better at this or that. You’re even friends with people you don’t necessarily like just to see their stuff. *gasp* It’s true, you and I both know it. Stepping away from Facebook helped me to not worry about others and how they are living life compared to mine. I don’t feel like I have to live up to others pictures or daily life. It’s been very refreshing.

I actually went to bed on time. Yes. I am a night time Facebook gal. I just like to unwind by scrolling through Facebook. Of course, I always said it would only be a few minutes. We all know how that goes. I would look at the clock and think what am I doing up this late?! Then, I would regret staying up too late. Since taking the Facebook app off my phone and logging out on the browser, I actually would lay down and go to sleep. I would check the emails that I had and doze off. It’s amazing how one decision can affect so many things. It felt good to not be up way past the time I knew I needed to be up. Being sleep deprived never helps the attitude or emotions.

This may not do anything for you and it may encourage or convict you. I am thankful I took the break and know now that I don’t have to have Facebook. I do love encouraging others on there, but it’s not my first priority. I won’t leave it for good, but I definitely won’t let it consume me again. Who cares if I miss a status update? Or some pictures? I’m making memories of my own and need to be focused on the most important things in life. It’s definitely something we can all look at and ask the Father how we should spend our time each day. As wives and mothers, we have a big responsibility to our husbands and children. We owe it to them more than anyone else to be focused and intentional with our days.

Father, I thank You for the privilege of the internet. Thank You for the technology that reaches across states, nations, and countries. Help us to see it’s place in our life compared to our family, friend, and jobs. May we never let anything consume us other than You. When we are consumed by other distractions, open our eyes so we may repent and let it go. We desire to please You and do what You desire. Thank You for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in our lives. May we always heed to the Spirit and do as You desire. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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