Word-Filled Wednesday



Wise words from the apostle Paul right here. How content are we in this day and age with anything we want at our fingertips?

I would have to admit, that at times, I’m not very content. There is so much that grabs our eyes and our attention. New cars, new clothes, new tech toys, and so on. It’s not hard to get distracted and forget how blessed we are with all that we already have. With social media at it’s height, we can began to compare our lives with the lives of others.

But I pray we can stop and look around us to see all the blessings right in front of us. I pray we can be content with wherever the Father has us at this moment in life. We have seasons that we will go through in life and it is all for a reason. Once we learn to be content in whatever the Father is doing in our life, we are ready for the next thing. It may be in a trying time or a joyous time, but may we be content with His peace whatever time it is for us.


Father, thank You for all that You give us. You bless us abundantly above all we could think or imagine. You take such good care of us. I pray You would help our eyes to open to Your blessings and all that we have. Help us to be content with what we have and where we are in our journey. Help our longing hearts only long for You and more of Your likeness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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