Word-Filled Wednesday




Such a short verse, but it has so much truth to it. We are warned to keep (guard or watch) our hearts (will or mind) with diligence (observance) because the issues (source) of life come from it. Our hearts fuel our thoughts and actions. If our hearts aren’t kept in check, we will stray from God and His ways.

That’s a deep thought.

We guard ours heart by being careful what we watch, read, hear, and who we spend time with. We should fill our minds (hearts and being) with all that honors God. How we think will influence how we act. What we spend hours dwelling on, will ultimately affect the choices we make. Our will has a vital impact on everything in our life.

We must not forget that our actions and thoughts not only affect us, but they affect everyone around us. It’s hard sometimes, but He has empowered us with His Spirit so we can overcome the temptations of our flesh. We want to be a good influence on those around us, including our families.

So we must seek out the Father’s help to watch what we’re putting into our minds and hearts.

Father, thank You for the warnings that You give us. Help us to heed the warning and guard our hearts. If our hearts are filled with wickedness we will display it with our actions. So help us fill our spirit with Your Word and things that honor You. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that empowers us to resist temptation. May we draw closer to You and crucify the fleshly desires every day. We want to honor You in all that we do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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