Thought Provoking Thursday: Ministry-It begins at home



Often stay-at home Moms aren’t given the benefit of the doubt. We are looked at strangely when we answer cheerfully that we like to be at home with our children. We are scoffed at by society because we may not always keep up with the latest trends. We’re even told that there is life after Motherhood.

Our husbands and children are our ministry. Anything added to that, is great, but we first learn how to serve in our homes so we can serve outside of them. What goes on between the four walls of our homes, is vital to society. So, don’t think that ministering to your family is second best. It is best. Society doesn’t even realize how important home life and family is to itself.

Our communities and churches will be only as good as our homes are.

When you serve them, you are serving the Father. When we teach them to love one another and be patient (that includes our men and ourselves) with one another, we are doing the Father’s work. What we teach our children, will reach generations to come. We are building a legacy to impact so many we will never know.

Hopefully, our children will choose to honor the Father with their lives (they will ultimately choose) and we will be given the good portion of our work: seeing others brought to the Father. Our lives are about glorifying Him so that others may come to His saving mercy.

Father, thank You for our homes and those that inhabit them. Help us to block out the naysayers and to listen to Your Word. You value marriages and children, so help us to do the same. Give us the desire and passion to serve our families so they can reach others. Empower us with Your strength to go on even when we’re weary. May we be a light to our children and husbands. May we receive a good portion of our work. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

Proverbs 31:30

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