Looking In the Mirror


It’s so easy to see the faults of others, especially those we live with. We really get to know them and see the real deal. We see their good and their bad. It can be really hard to see past their flaws at times because we know them so well.

I think our husbands can be one that we are very critical towards. After a couple years of marriage, we start wondering when will he change this or that? Then, after many years of marriage we can wonder will he ever change?

Well, the reality is…. we have some changes we need to make too.

It’s easy to point out his quirks, but what about ours? I know there are things that I do, that irritate my husband at times. So I try to be careful about being critical of him, especially to the point where I see no reason for me to change.

If you find yourself being over critical, may be it’s time you have a self-examination. Let’s try not to forget we are all human and our husbands need our encouragement and prayer more than our critical words.

Father, thank You for being so forgiving towards us when we don’t love our husbands as You wish. Thank You for loving us in our mess. Help us to be willing to change if we need too. Let us see our husbands as You see them and to pray for things we see that do need to change. Help us to be careful with our words that we speak about our husbands. We desire to be the wives You want us to be for our men. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.

Psalm 34:13


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