Word-Filled Wednesday




Have you ever been crushed in spirit or brokenhearted? I sure have, more than once too. We can get so low and so down that we feel like we are literally being crushed. If you’ve never experienced that, it’s hard to explain, but for those who have, I know how you feel.

Sometimes events occur in life that can squeeze the life out of us and leave us feeling hopeless. If we stay in that despair, life can began to spiral out of control. We can be on the brink of depression. There is no shame in feeling crushed and brokenhearted. Most people will go through a time like that.

The good news is, that we don’t have to stay that way.

There is hope.

The Father is there even if you cannot feel Him. He hasn’t left you and He never will. We just have to call out to Him in our despair. David did it many times. He cried out and begged for the Lord’s presence. We don’t have to stay in that state of feeling crushed or depressed. Saturate yourself in God’s words and prayer. Find those who will pray for you and encourage you.

Sometimes, we have to go through things that will give us the choice to depend on the Father. Other times, we have to change our perspective about the situation. Whichever it is, He is close to You and He wants you to know that.

Father, You know how a broken heart feels. You know pain like we can’t imagine. Thank You for the promise of being near to us when we are broken and crushed. Thank You for never leaving us, no matter what we feel. Help us to cry out to You and seek You in all things. May we encourage ourselves and let Your love surround us. Help us to learn and to see things how You desire. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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