Word-Filled Wednesday


Have you ever looked back on your life and tried to recall those times you thought were horrible? I recently tried this and to my surprise, I found less than I expected.

There are some significantly hard times in my life, but a lot of them, I believe were viewed wrongly. Things that seemed horrible, I can’t recall now. Looking back through His lens they aren’t so horrible.

I think we tend to overact when things fall apart sometimes. It’s smooth sailing for awhile, then all a sudden the unexpected happens and we sink. It seems horrible, inconvenient, and unfair.

I have done this many times, but when I think back it really wasn’t that bad. I see how it actually worked out for my best. If you are in a time like that right now, stop and just thank the Father for something.

We learn to trust Him by believing He has our best interest in mind.


Father, You see all things. You know why circumstances come our way. Thank You for caring for us and for looking out for us. Give us wisdom to see what You’re doing in our lives. Open our eyes to Your will and way. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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