Word-Filled Wednesday


Discouragement can plague everyone from time to time. It even happens to those who have a strong relationship with the Father. David was a great man of God, yet he was discouraged from time to time.

In this scripture, he speaks of being down and murmuring. Life can definitely cause us to want to murmur. Messy houses, arguing children, or unmet expectations can build up and we become discouraged.

When that happens, we have to do what David did- encourage ourselves. He poses the question to himself, “Why are you down and mourning?” Then he answers, “Hope in God. I will praise Him because he is my salvtaion and deliverance.”

He began to remember the faithfulness of his Father.

We can encourage ourselves by doing just what David did- recalling the faithfulness of God. His acts and testimonies throughout our life is to help our faith grow. All the trials and joys in life should help build a trust in the Father.

Next time you’re tempted to murmur, start counting those blessings and soon you’ll be lifted up.


Father, thank You for being faithful to us. Help us to cling to You and put our hope in You. Help us to look back on our lives and recall Your acts of faithfulness. When life is more than we can bear, help us to trust you. May we encourage ourselves with Your words and good deeds. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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