The Love of the Father


It’s hard to explain the love of a mother to someone. I’ve never known an instant love like the kind I have for my boys. It’s a messy and beautiful love. One minute it’s all smiles and the next you need a trip to Wal-Mart.

Now, if you can, imagine how much our Father loves your child. It’s something I haven’t yet grasped. He loves them a thousand more times than we do. That’s a fierce love, y’all.

So why can’t we trust Him with our child?

That’s a loaded question and I think we all struggle with it. I encourage you to think of how much the Father loves your child. We can trust that He knows what He’s diong with our children. We can pray for His will in their lives and trust He has their best in mind. Our love for them is only a smidgen of His for them.

Father, You are such a loving Father. Thank You for reassuring us of Your love for our children. Help us to trust Your will for them and realse them to You. We want to trust you with our children and with their lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


We love him, because He first loved us.
I John 4:19


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