Word-Filled Wednesday

Have you ever felt the Father just wasn’t listening to you? You pray and pray until you feel as if you can’t anymore. We’ve all been in that same boat and we’re desperate to hear our Father speak.

Don’t give up, He will hear you. He is listening to You.

Sometimes, He’s answering, but we’re not listening to Him. We’re doing all the talking and we can’t hear. Other times there may be something blocking His voice. If we pray, yet fill our mind with junk, it can be hard to hear Him. All that junk is like spiritual ear wax.

So draw close in prayer.
Clear your mind of distraction.
Seek wisdom to hear.

Our prayers don’t go unnoticed. He listens with concern and He will hearken to You. Our spirits just have to be clear and listening for Him.

Father, thank You for being a Father who hears with concern for Your children. You care more than we know and You will answer. Help us to speak and then be still. Show us whatever is blocking our ears from Your voice. We desire to hear You speak. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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