More Than We Are


A lot of times as parents, we want to give our children more than we had growing up. We want to make sure all their needs and wants are met. With all there is at our fingertips, it’s not hard to do just that. But is that really necessary or what’s best for them?

Truthfully, we should focus more on their character instead of their possessions.

If we only focus on what we didn’t have versus what we wanted, that can be dangerous. Sure we all want the best “stuff” for our kids, but shouldn’t we want them to be a better person than we were? New clothes, devices, or toys don’t change a person’s heart. An off brand item compared to the name brand item doesn’t show our worth.

How we treat others,

How we respond to struggle,

How we deal with failing.

That’s what really matters. I want our boys to be so much more growing up than I was. I want them to do what’s right no matter the consequences. I want to raise them to even dare to be more than I am now. The next generation should always grow and change for the better. We should never stop learning or growing.

The only way that will all happen, is when we start leading the way.

Father, thank You for being the best example of a parent to us. You show us how to love, care, and correct our children. Help us to give our children what truly matters in life. May we surrender what we think is best and heed Your advice. We want children who want to do all You command. Give us wisdom to raise them to honor You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Luke 2:52


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