Word-Filled Wednesday


Paul was encouraging the believers not to keep the feast of Unleavened Bread with their same issues, but to look within and examine themselves. They aren’t much different from us today. Bad attitudes, ungratefulness, and unforgiveness can creep in so subtly. It would be wise for us to examine our lives too.  As we prepare to keep the feast, we should look into the corners of our heart and be honest with ourselves.

Are there hidden sins?

Hidden hurts?

Are there any grudges we’re holding?

The feasts are to help us examine ourselves and let the Father reveal any sin to us. Sin will hinder us as we walk with the Lord and it cannot be left alone. It has to be dealt with so we can bear fruit, the fruit that glorifies the Father.

If the sin isn’t confessed and turned from, then it will grow until we’re overtaken with it just like the leaven that Paul speaks of.

That’s far from what the Lord wants for those who claim to be followers of Him. He desires for us to live abundantly striving to sin less each day.

I encourage you to take time daily leading up to the feast and ask the Father what is it that He wants to rid you of. There’s always room for growth in our spiritual lives. Desire to be that vessel the Lord wants you to be by examining your heart and mind.

Lord, thank You for Your feasts and ways You sanctify us. May we ask the hard question as we ask You to search our hearts. What sin lies within my life? May we seek to let You rid us of any sin that reigns in our lives. We desire to be that vessel that is cleansed by You and ready for Your purpose. Let us allow You to look deep into the corners of our hearts and clean them. Thank You for our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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