Lessons From Our Arrows



When I first became a parent, I thought I was going to do all the teaching. I was the Mother, the older one, and supposed wiser one. I must admit how very wrong I was about this mindset. I’ve been a Mom for nine years now and during those nine years I realized just how much our children are teachers too.

I have learned so much from our boys, so much so, that I blog about it a good bit. They are wise little creatures, yet have the slightest clue to that reality. Just the other day my oldest asked a simple, but throught provoking questions that caused me to study. I wasn’t shocked, but felt shameful that I hadn’t thought of it before.

Our children can be in the way at times…

They can be selfish…

They can be flat out annoying…

But they are here to help teach us.

God hasn’t only given them to us so we can teach them, but also so that He can teach us. He’s so good like that. He has taught me a lot through our three boys. I think there is so much we can learn from our children. I’m learning how to put others first, how to love without conditions, and how to control myself when others are falling apart.

They can help rid us of our selfishness, if we’ll allow the Father to use them.

The Father desires to see you learn as much as you teach. He longs to see the transformation take place in you, as much as you do in your children. So open your heart to what the Father wants to accomplish through your children.

Father, thank You for using our children to teach us. Thank You for loving us enough to show us our flaws. We want to be learners as well as teachers, so help us to yield to You. Help us to be still and quiet so we can hear You speak through our children. Continue to use them for Your glory. Mold us and rid us of our sinfulness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

We all, with unveiled faces, are looking as in a mirror at the glory of the Lord and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory; this is from the Lord who is the Spirit.

II Corinthians 3:18

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