Word-Filled Wednesday



Paul went from being the persecutor to being the persecuted. Now, he knew how the Christians felt as they fled for their lives. He could sympathize with them after being on the flip side. Through Paul’s words here in II Corinthians we can be encouraged during our trials.

At times in our life, we may feel beat down and destroyed. Various trials can knock the breath out of us. Some can even make us feel trapped. When there seems to be a domino effect of trials, we can begin to doubt the goodness of God.


We may be suffering, but we’re not trapped.

We may be standing in doubt, but we’re not at utter loss.

We may be sought after, but we’re not ever left behind.

We may feel thrown down, but we’re never fully destroyed.


Our hope lies in the Father and our future. Though we have trouble on every side, we can rejoice in Christ alone. He sympathizes with us because he’s already been there.

He gives us hope on earth to propel us to keep going on.

Father, thank You for comforting and encouraging us. You know all that we’ll face in this world. Help us to be reminded of Your suffering and victory. We have that same victory through our battles. Thank You for the ultimate victory. Give us the strength to keep pressing onward. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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