Just Because



Life can often become busy with careers, children, home, and ministry. We can get so caught up in all the going, that we may not put as much effort into doing special things for one another. I think the most romantic times are those that don’t have a “special occasion” attached to them.

I’m a romantic at heart, I must admit. Growing up, I always dreamed of finding my knight in shining armor. I dreamed of flowers, cards, and sweet words, especially on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. What woman (or man) doesn’t like to be made to feel special? Even if it’s not fancy or elaborate, but just to know someone is thinking of them.

Giving an unexpected card,

doing a house chore that normally isn’t yours,

or cooking his favorite dish just for him.

It says I love you just because. Knowing the just because wasn’t expected or on a certain day can really show how deep care for our man. Often they’re expected to be the romantic ones, but we can be just as romantic towards them.

Marriage isn’t about the special dates, it’s about all those in between.

The memories we make everyday help those “special occasions” special. If we only celebrate one another on birthdays or anniversaries it can send a wrong message. Relationships have to be tended and cultivated, just like a garden. We should invest in our husband each day by tenderly loving, supporting, and praying for him.

Begin thinking of something special you can do for your man. Surprise him with a just because even if you’ve never done it before. Take the first step towards making a memory for your man today.

Father, thank You for memories and special times in our marriage. Help us to be sincere in our giving towards our men. Life is made up of the little moments and so are marriages. Help us to do something for our husband just because to show our appreciation and love for him. May we be thankful for the little things he does for us just because he loves us. If we’re feeling ignored or not appreciated, help us to cling to You and cry out for Your view. May we not let past hurts disrupt our actions towards our husband. Help us to remember we are also forgiven and loved by You. We desire to create a life and marriage that honors You and lifts up our marriage. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Your every action must be done with love.

I Corinthians 16:14


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