Word-Filled Wednesday



Paul had so much knowledge in his mind, but he finally realized (after his Damascus road experience) that he had nothing to boast about. He had experienced a one on one encounter with the Father. Now his world was rocked  and he only boasted on the one worthy of boasting, God Almighty.

It can be tempting to boast on ourselves at times. We may want others to look at what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it. We have to guard against that by remembering we wouldn’t have access to redemption, righteousness, purification, or wisdom without the Father or the Messiah. Nothing we do is worth boasting about.

All that we do and have is because of the Father.

He has redeemed (released) us by the blood of Jesus (our ransom). We are then made righteous (condition acceptable to God) through accepting Jesus’ blood (ransom) as a covering for our sins. In His mercy and care, He wants to sanctify (purify and consecrate) us through an ongoing relationship with Him through Jesus. He also wants to consecrate (sets apart) us with His commands (instructions) and His feasts (appointed times). Now, He can give us wisdom (broad and full of intelligence) each day as we seek it.

So we have absolutely every right to boast on our Father, who through mercy gives us much more than we can imagine. Our lives should point to Him and all the good He has done for us. Without Him we are wicked and we have no hope.

Father, thank You for the marvelous work You do in and through us. We are nothing without You. Help us to be careful to not boast in our strength. We want Your strength in us and to glorify You in all You do through us. Help us to be a vessel, pleasing and acceptable, for Your glory. May we remain humble servants for Your use. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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