The Right Tone



Communicating and conveying our thoughts and feelings can be hard sometimes for us all. We want the person we’re talking with to really hear what we’re trying to communicate to them. So we have to be careful what we communicate, but also be careful how we sound while doing it.

Our tone when we’re speaking with our man will determine if he really hears us.

If we have a harsh, belittling tone when we’re speaking to our man, it can be damaging to the conversation. He may feel as if we’re attacking him if we aren’t careful. When he feels attacked, he may even get defensive and not hear the words. He may totally block out the message because of the harshness. We should be very careful how we actually sound when we’re communicating with our man.

 We should remember how we desire to be spoken too. We want our men to be respectful, gentle, and truthful. So we have to treat him the same way. If your man isn’t respectful when the two of you talk, start praying the Father begins dealing with him concerning that. Talking kind to one another is easy when things are going good, but it’s when an issue arises that we have to watch that attitude.

Ask the Father to examine your heart,

Think before you open your mouth,

Pause for a brief moment if you feel attitude.

That way your tone is respectful, yet truthful. Never compromise truth in your marriage, but always speak with love towards your man.

Father, thank You for words, for they can have such an impact on others. The way we convey our words can also impact others. Help us to check our attitude before we speak to our husband. We want to be loving and respectful towards him. Give us the wisdom and strength to control our tone when we communicate with our man. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Wives, too, must be worthy of respect, not slanderers, self-controlled, faithful in everything.

I Timothy 3:11

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