Praying the Details



I’ve talked about praying for our children and how important it is for us to do. I know sometimes it can be hard to know how and what to pray for concerning our children. I found this prayer card on The Better Mom several years ago and really loved it. I did change it a little for my personal use and I will share that one with y’all.


I have been praying for our children’s salvation since before they were born. I would not only pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sinfulness, but that they would see how much they need the Father’s help everyday. I pray they will realize their need of a Savior. They believe in God and Jesus, but children need to realize their need for both of them in their daily lives. They have to see us model our need for God everyday so they see we have a need also.


Remaining pure in body, heart, and mind is very important. Impure thoughts have always been around, but it seems there are more ways of entertaining them now days. If we can teach our children how to try and have pure thoughts, then they’re actions will more than likely be pure. We have pure thoughts by filling our minds with His word and things that honor Him. We can pray that the Father will impress on them to keep their minds pure by being careful what they put into their minds.


Praying for our children’s future spouse is so vital. It is the most important earthly relationship they’ll have, I believe. We can pray that their future spouse will be a person of strong conviction, desire to be obedient to the Father, and will desire to be pure. If I could pick each of our boys’ bride, I would, but the Father wants us to trust Him to bring that union together. I pray our boys’ future brides will be revealed at the right time and they’ll have a strong Biblical marriage. A continuous relationship with the Father is so important in marriage and I pray both will have that.


Revering the Lord is of upmost importance. A healthy fear of God can lead to wisdom. We should pray our children would respect their heavenly Father and have a desire to honor Him. That starts at an early age and we can help teach them how to respect and fear the Father at home. We can also pray that they grow in wisdom all their days. Wisdom is much better than knowledge. Our children need wisdom, even before they are teenagers. Apart from the Father, there is no wisdom.


Being brave is much needed in our day and time. We can pray that our children will be bold and loving in their lives as they are a light to others. Actions always speak louder than words. We can also pray that the Father watches over them and even if they face opposition they will go forward. It’s a scary time we live in, but we can’t let that fear grip us and we hold our children back from whatever the Father has for them.

I hope this is a help to someone out there. If you aren’t a praying Mom, I hope this sheds new light on the importance of prayer. We only have our children in our homes for a short time, but we can pray for them as long as we both live.

Father, thank You for prayer and how it changes us. Help us to see how important it is concerning our children. Give us a desire to pray for our children each day. May we pray Your will for their lives. Help us to model prayer for our children and show them how vital it is for us all. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness.

Psalm 143:1


Here is the original prayer card.



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