Word-Filled Wednesday



Sometimes it’s so hard to love others, especially our loved ones. We can become irritated, frustrated, or angry at them and we don’t want to show love to them. We may think they don’t deserve love from us. That may be true, but we didn’t deserve God’s love either. In spite of our failures, He extended His love anyway. Out of that love was born two beautiful things: faith and hope. Love is the well-spring for faith and hope. Love gives life to our faith and hope.

Our faith and hope lie in the Father alone. God is love. All that He is and ever will be is love. His love gives us hope to face the day and faith to carry on. Without His love how can we live in this scary, discouraging world? We need hope and faith in our lives. God is the only one who can give us that eternal hope. Love really is the greatest of the three because without it we wouldn’t have the others.

True love is looking out for the well being of others, even if it costs you.

We should remember to extend that same love to others. A love that offers hope and faith is what others need. Loving them will inspire them. It will inspire them to do what they are called to do. If we’ll abide in God’s love we’ll have plenty of His love to give. What a beautiful reality! God wants us to dwell in His faith, hope, and love. That’s the perfect place for us to remain, in God’s love.

Lord, thank Your for being the very essence of love. We can’t thank You enough for your love. Your love should compel us to love others. Help us to extend the same love we have been shown to our family, friends, and even enemies. Help us to abide in faith, hope, and love. May we never forget how You display Your love towards us each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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