Word-Filled Wednesday



It’s easy to let our minds become weary or exhausted. Life is a cycle and unfortunately we don’t know what cycle comes next. Our hope is that we can draw from the words of Jesus and the apostles to encourage us through each cycle. The second part of the Bible is full of encouragement from Paul.

Paul knew sufferings and hardships. He also knew they would continue on. He penned a lot of letters to various congregations to encourage them to endure. Our Savior himself endured agony, much more than we ever will, yet he did not flee the suffering. He remained through the accusations, the trial, and the crucifixion. He remained and endured it all, knowing a lot still wouldn’t believe in him.

How much more can we endure? Our sufferings are painful, but they are so light compared to our Lord’s. We have to cry out to the Father when we want to give up. Our minds are weak and need to be strengthened. We have to grow our spirit with prayer and the scriptures. Our mind is a battlefield and we can be ready to fight.

When all hope seems gone, cry out for His perspective.

When you feel exhausted, cry out for His strength.

When you think you can’t go another step, fall on your knees in prayer.

With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can remain stedfast and endure. We have to think back to Jesus and how he pressed on. Paul encourages us to think of all Jesus endured for the sake of us, sinners. He knew the end result and kept that at the fore front of his mind.

His example should give us faith to keep pushing through on the journey.

We have to remember the end result of our journey, eternity with our Father. Next time the cycle seems more than you can bear, go to the Father in prayer. Pick up the sword of the Spirit and fight the temptation to quit.

Father, there is nothing too hard for us to endure with Your strength. Your Son endured more than we can even imagine, but he remained loyal to You and us. His example can help us to be encouraged to not give up. When we are exhausted, fill us up with the Living Water. Strengthen our minds when they are weak. Help us to take captive thoughts contrary to Your words and those of the apostles. We want to continue our journey well and bring glory to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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