Displaying Discipline



A couple of weeks ago, our character trait for school was discipline. Kids here that word so much, but I’m not sure they understand how important it is. I wonder if we, as parents, truly understand the depth of it either. To be disciplined is to be self-trained.

Discipline isn’t something we can make our children be, but it’s something we can teach them to be.

We are to teach and model discipline in our own lives. When we do that, our children have something to follow. They aren’t wondering how to control their emotions or how to accomplish a task, but they have an example to look too. Whether it’s pertaining to sports, school, or play everyday can be training on how to be disciplined. Children want to know how to deal with emotions and circumstances, but if we don’t teach them they’ll act on impulse.

When we say ‘I have to discipline a child.’ We should really say that we have to teach them how to be disciplined. The Father doesn’t desire reckless children (including us), He wants disciples that are self-trained by His Spirit. So teaching our children to be disciplined in their life requires us to be disciplined. We can only achieve that by His Spirit, not of ourselves.

Are we controlling our emotions?

Do we prepare ourselves for our work each day?

Are we being the disciples that God wants?

Remember, we only have our children for a short while. What we teach them now, will hopefully help shape who they’ll become in the future. So let’s make disciples, starting in our homes first, to impact the world.

Father, thank You for giving us examples of disciplined people in Your word. We want to be self-trained disciples, but we can only do that through Your Spirit. So empower us by Your Spirit to model discipline to our children. May we take each opportunity to show an example of discipline. We need You to work through us and our children. Help us to teach them diligence and discipline to carry them through life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The plans of the diligent certainly lead to profit,
but anyone who is reckless certainly becomes poor.

Proverbs 21:5



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