Word-Filled Wednesday



Paul was writing to the Colossians about setting their affections on heavenly things. They were obviously distracted by the things of their time. There is so much that tries to catch our eyes and some things aren’t necessarily evil things. It can be things that we value more than our relationship with the Father. Be assured that if you have a relationship with the Father, the Holy Spirit will reveal the issue to you, just seek His face.

I have found the best way to keep my affections set on God is by staying in His Word and praying to Him. His Word does nothing, but point to Him. When we read about Him, it allows us to learn about Him. Communicating with God through Jesus is vital also. He is the mediator between us and our Father. Praying to Him keeps us connected and able to hear His voice. We have to hear His voice in order to follow His ways and be guided in life.

What we learn seeps into our minds and hearts affecting our thoughts.

Surrounding ourselves with people who seek God daily and have a personal relationship with Him will help us in our efforts. Christians are supposed to encourage one another and lift one another up. If you are around those who are seeking to keep the Father their main priority, then it will encourage you to do the same. “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” it says in Proverbs 27:17. We are running this race together and should encourage each other to look to the Father.

Our minds and hearts shouldn’t be constantly chasing the things of the world. They are flashy, but they are empty. We can continue to buy new things, but never be satisfied by them. Keeping our eyes on heavenly things will help us realize we aren’t meant to be satisfied on earth apart from what the Father gives. We were made for much more than the world can offer.

Our souls long for something more and that only can be found in the Father. He is the missing piece to our souls. By setting our affections on things above, we can honor God and do what pleases Him.

Lord, help me to look to You and honor You. I am frail and weak. I need You to give me a desire to seek You. May I set my affections, my mind, and my heart on You. You are the only thing that can satisfy my soul. You are what my heart should beat for. Thank You for being wonderful and amazing. Help me to never settle for anything, but You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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