Controlling Our Emotions




They’re a tricky thing. They can be a blessing and a burden.

Happy. Sad. Mad.

We go through so many different moods daily. It’s easy to make a decision based on our emotion. We can get all worked up over a situation and make a decision that may not be wise. We should be very careful to be wise in decision making.

Whether it’s emotions of happiness, sadness, or anger, we have to set them aside and make the right decision. A lot of times, that’s easier said than done, but it’s possible. We have to seek the Father and ask for His help to control ourselves.

We can’t let our emotions get ahead of our sound judgement.

Our emotions aren’t bad, they’re an indicator of something deep down that has moved us. So we don’t have to shy away from emotions, we just can’t let them control us. We have to be super careful not to let our emotions make decisions for us, but to go to the Father with what we’re feeling and ask for His wisdom to take the next step.

Whether you’re happy, sad, mad, or disappointed, stop and seek how the Father wants you to respond and what decisions to make.

Father, thank You for the emotions You allow us to feel. You’ve felt every emotion that we ever will. Help us to work through the emotions and seek Your wisdom to make the right decision. Help us to not be overtaken with joy, anger, or sadness, but to have a sound mind. We thank You for helping us and guiding us to honor You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with goodness, goodness with knowledge, knowledge with self-control, self-control with endurance, endurance with godliness,  godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love.

II Peter 1:5-7




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