Knowing and Teaching His Ways



Most parents who are believers in Christ want their children to learn to live as he did. They desire to see their children walk as he did. As parents, that should be our prayer and should be our greatest joy. It’s also our responsibility to teach them the Father’s ways and words. There are two key steps that must take place before we can teach them with the expectation to see fruit.

The first step in teaching our children His ways is to know them ourselves. We have to know His ways to walk in them. If I don’t know how to bake a cake, how can I teach someone else how? I can’t and it’s simple, in order to teach our children all that the Father desires, we have to know His ways. If we don’t know His ways, what will we teach them? Whatever we do teach them apart from His ways will not be a firm foundation.

You cannot teach what you really don’t know.

The second key in teaching our children His ways is to walk in them. Children listen more than you think, but if your actions aren’t matching your words then they’ll discredit them. If we’re not practicing what we preach, they’ll start practicing what they see instead of what they hear. That is on us as parents. We are responsible for teaching them God’s ways by knowing them and walking in them.

If you don’t know His ways, you can learn. If you aren’t walking in His ways, you can start. You’ll give your children a firm foundation by teaching them His ways over man’s ways. What joy you’ll have if you’ll follow the Father’s plan for your family.

Father, forgive us for not knowing Your ways and teaching our children what leads to joy. We desire to be good stewards of the garden before us. Help us to walk in Your ways for our children to see. We desire that they follow You and walk in Your ways. Strengthen us to be the parents You desire. Draw our children to You and give them a desire for Your ways. Empower them to walk in Your ways. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.

Psalm 25:4


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