Purposeful Prayers


I talk a lot about prayer and praying for our children. It’s one of the most important actions a parent can do for their child(ren). The past several months I’ve been praying for the right words to say when the time comes that our boys recognize their need for Jesus as their Savior.

It’s more than repeating a prayer, making a profession of faith, and getting baptized. Professing your realization for the Father in your life and then being baptized as symbol of putting on a new man is great, so don’t get me wrong. Yet, if that’s all that we convey to our children, we rob them of so much.

Surrendering to the King of Kings and being His servant has to be the message.

Explaining that we can’t be kind, loving, self-controlled, and anything good on our own should be the focus. There is nothing we can do on our own and definitely not walk in the ways Jesus walked, which were His Father’s ways. Conveying to them that the Father wants to take the old person (insert child’s name) and help them put on a new person can really create a vivid picture. Sort of like the snake when he sheds his old skin.

We should desire our children know  that…

without surrendering to the Father, they can’t be whole or satisfied…

there is a way to be kind, caring, self-controlled, and pure, but it’s not of themselves…

they can surrender and ask the Father to bring His Holy Spirit to dwell in them and help them.

We don’t want our children to get the impression that once they ask the Holy Spirit into their lives that they will be perfect. We want them to realize if they sin after the fact, that there is forgiveness for the sin. The blood of Jesus covers our sin, no more bulls or goats, but the pure blood of Jesus.

It’s a daily process. It was never meant to be a one time cry for help. Everyday our children will need to cry out in prayer to the Father for help.

Pray for those babies, toddlers, children, and grown adults. It’s never too late for them to surrender to the Father.

Father, thank You for hearing our prayers. Sometimes we may not know what to pray, but we cry out to You on the behalf of our children. We desire that they have an encounter with You and grow to know You intimately. We ask that You would draw them by Your Holy Spirit and help them realize apart from You they can do nothing good or holy. Have Your way in their heart, mind, and life. In Jesus name, Amen.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Romans 10:10





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