Word-Filled Wednesday



I can’t count the times I have thought the hardship I was enduring was the worst and most horrible thing ever. Throwing myself a pity party because no one else has ever went through anything like this before seemed like a good idea. We all know that’s not true and others have been through similar trials. We’re just all different and it affects us differently. What if we viewed the trials, struggles, and disappointments from a different perspective?

When we see hardships as His way of growing us, it leaves little room to complain.

The past few years have really helped me to see this truth. Instead of complaining about the “bad” thing, I can look at it as His way of teaching me. If we look at the trials with that in mind, it can do away with the pity party mode. The “poor me” attitude has to be thrown out the window because the hardships aren’t bad, they’re to grow us.

When we see our life and each circumstance from His way of thinking, it puts a halt on complaining about the “bad” things. Evil happens, but not everything that doesn’t go our way is evil or bad. Complaining is easy, but growing and learning is hard. Naturally, we don’t want to grow and learn instead we’d rather complain and stay as we are.

We’re faced with two options. We can continue to see trials as bad which causes us to complain or we can see trials as a chance to learn which causes us to grow and be thankful. Which are you going to choose: life or death, blessing or cursing?

Father, You are so patient with us. Thank You for being such a long suffering Father. Help us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and to start thanking You for all things. You do nothing that is bad. You want to grow and mature us. Help us to learn from each circumstance You allow and to grow into Your likeness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.






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