Reflecting Us



I’ve said many times how much our boys have different traits like my husband and myself.

Some days it’s so evident that I want to scream…

Other days it makes me so proud…

I can think back to when I was their age and see myself in them. Sometimes, I can remember myself acting a certain way and then see them do it. I sit and wonder how can I help them and guide them to choose to act a different way, one that is more pleasing to the Father. That’s when it sort of dawned on me, may be our children are little mini me’s of ourselves so we can help them through life…?

Now, of course they have our DNA and you can say that’s why, but suppose there’s more to it…May be it’s so we can help them with their personalities, attitudes, and choices.

If you think about it, how can we best help someone? By knowing what they are going through. When I see my oldest being a little bossy, I can remember back to those days with my little sister and I try to help him out some. I try to put myself back in those shoes and see where I could have went about things differently. Some of those times I try to give them the space to work through it. It seems I can’t help myself at others because I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I did.

They reflect us a lot, but our desire and prayer should be that the Father would help them reflect Him.

We can help guide them when we see an ugly behavior popping up. We can try to remember what we felt and then we don’t have to be so harsh. They’re kids and they’re learning. That’s why we’re the adults, to help guide them and pray for them. For me, it makes it a little easier because I see those tendencies and can try and tell them of another way to handle the situation. My husband sees a lot of himself in them and is able to help them in ways I’m not able. Our flaws can come in handy when raising our arrows. We want them pointed in the right direction and with the knowledge we have, we can try and do that.

We should pray the Father would help us be discerning on when to interject some words and when not too. There’s nothing wrong with guiding our children, but there’s also nothing wrong with letting them figure some of it out. The important thing is to know how and when to give your input.

So the next time you’re shaking your head or pulling your hair out, remember, you too were once their age and they just need some guidance and prayer.

Father, thank You for being such a loving Father. You care for us so much that we really can’t comprehend it. You love our children just as much as You do us. Help us to have discernment when it comes to guiding our children. We want to help them in anyway possible the way You desire. May we be patient with them and pray for their wisdom as well. There is none like You and never will be. We surrendered our children to You and ask Your will in their lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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