Wholeness Through Him


I think a lot of young women can have a naive view of marriage and it’s intent. One that is seen in fairy tales and romance movies that portrays once we find our prince charming we’re complete.

In reality, most mature and seasoned wives know that is furthest from the truth.

Going into marriage thinking it will complete us or make us whole is a dangerous view and mindset. I have to admit, I even thought that for a few weeks. It’s so not true and not a pressure we should put on our husband.

Our marriage will not make us whole or complete. Finding the “perfect” man will not make everything better. We have to find our wholeness through one person, Yahweh our Father in heaven. He is the only person who can complete us and fill the holes that we’re full of. If we look to a man, even our awesome husband, to do that, we’re going to become very irritated and disappointed sooner than we imagine.

We’re both fallen humans that are broken and only can be complete through redemption and an on going relationship with the Father.

When we realize our husband can’t make us whole, we can look to the One who can help our relationship grow like He designed it too. He never designed man to bring wholeness to one another. He is the One who completes and fills us with His being so we can be as He wishes. Our husbands are great and wonderful, no doubt! They’re in our life to fulfill specific roles, but we can’t put unknown pressure on them to complete us. That’s unfair and not realistic. We have to be real and acknowledge that he’s like we are, broken and human.

If you haven’t come to that realization, I pray you do soon. If this has helped you realize you’ve been doing that, you can start seeking the One who can bring wholeness to you. Relieve yourself and your man of unrealistic views so you can both grow as one and have the marriage He designed.

Father, thank You for being the One who can bring wholeness to our souls. It’s easy to be deceived into believing man can bring wholeness to us, but help us to turn to You. You’re the only One who can bring wholeness to us and our lives. We want to be made whole by You so we can pour into the lives of others, especially our husband. We want our marriage to work as You designed. We want it to honor You and be a light to others. Help us grow as one as we seek You and allow You to work in each of us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Let me experience Your faithful love in the morning, for I trust in You. Reveal to me the way I should go because I long for You.

Psalm 143:8



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