Word-Filled Wednesday



Have you ever wondered why the Father calls Himself a shepherd? Over and over in the scriptures He refers to Himself as the Good Shepherd. If you think about what a shepherd does it’s a comforting analogy and title for our Father.

A shepherd protects his sheep with courage. He watches over them with tender care. He guides them with wisdom each day. That’s a reassuring picture of what our Father does for us, His sheep.

He will stay in the pouring rain to just make sure his sheep are protected. He never leaves them just like our Shepherd. The Father even tells of how He will go to find just one lost sheep. Our Father is the same.

He wants to guide us with wisdom…

He wants to protect us from the roaring lion…

He wants to watch over us with tenderness and care.

The more time you spend in His Word and prayer, the more you’re going to recognize His voice.We can always trust what He does in our life and where He guides us. Sheep need someone to guide them and so do we. He gives us this picture, not to look down on us, but to show us how much He loves us and wants to care for us.

Don’t ever forget He wants to be Your Shepherd. He wants to do good for you, but He’s waiting for you to join His flock.

Father, thank You for being such a wonderful Shepherd. You care for us so good, even when we don’t deserve it. You have such wisdom that You want to bestow on us. We want to trust what You do in our life, help us to trust Your hand. Help us to allow You to lead us and keep us safe. We desire to stay close to You and under Your watchful eye. May we learn Your voice and to be obedient sheep. In Jesus’ name, Amen.







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