Word-Filled Wednesday



We read the story of the woman who had the issue of blood one day in our school lessons. I’ve read and heard it many times, but it just hit me differently this time.

Jesus was on his way to help someone else when this woman touched him being healed instantly. That, in itself, is amazing to read and really think about. So as we read it, I kept reading the words (her thoughts).

She says to herself, ‘If I can just touch his robes/garments, I’ll be made well!’ She only wanted to touch his clothes, not even his hand or foot or face. She didn’t even want him to pray for her. She simply believed if she could touch his robes that she would be healed from her issue of blood. That is simply amazing and convicting all at the same time. She was a desperate woman. She was in dire need of a physical touch from Jesus. I used to think it was just about her faith, how much she believed, but I think it was also her desperation for Jesus and knowing he was the only source for healing.

 How desperate am I for the Father?

Do I look to Him for my needs?

Is He all that I need to sustain me?

We all have to come to a point of desperation in our lives that start our journey with the Father. We just can’t ever stop being desperate for Him. He should be our desire above all. He should be what we run too when we are in need and whom we praise when our needs are met. If we’re not desperate for Him, we will be for something else. Her desperation drove her to do something that may have looked odd to others or may have been out of the norm, but she knew what she had to do.

When we get desperate for God, our lives can be radically changed.

His righteousness isn’t a small thing, it’s just that powerful. Jesus was so powerful that by only touching his robe, she was healed, right then. For it only takes one touch from God to change a situation. Man or possessions can’t give us what the Father can. Our eyes have to be fixed on Him and focused on His holiness. Our desperation will drive us to seek Him wholeheartedly and see our lives change for the better.

I want to encourage you to read the account and ask yourself the hard questions. What are you in desperate need for? If you don’t have a desperation, pray for one, He will stir one up inside of You like a fire burning. No matter what comes our way, we’ll know He is the only One who can work good in our lives.

Father, You are so worthy of all our praise! We long to see You work in our lives. Grow our desperation for You and Your ways. There is so much we need and only You can satisfy. You are powerful and holy. You are above all else on this earth. May our lives be centered around You. Help us to run to You for all and praise You for all. Our hope and trust lies in You, Creator of the universe and giver of life. We are desperate for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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