Never Stop Dreaming


Dreaming. Who doesn’t like to day dream about the future? I remember the days my husband and I were dating. I would spend a few days away at college dreaming about our future together and planning great things for our days of marriage. I couldn’t wait to see him again and talk about all our dreams for the future. We loved spending hours talking on the phone or in person dreaming of the life we were about to embark on.

As the journey begins and the years pass by, it can become easy to stop dreaming about the future. May be some of our plans didn’t go as we thought or our dreams were crushed. Life can become hard during certain seasons and not allow for much day dreaming, so we forget how too. One thing that’s important is that we don’t stop planning and dreaming our future plans with our man.

One day the children will grow up and we will have just each other. They will leave the nest and we’ll be as we once were, just the two of us. If we haven’t kept on dreaming and planning, then what’s next? It’s good to have some dreams for the empty nest season of our lives. We should never shoot down an opportunity to hear our husband’s dreams, even if they are way in advance. We don’t want him to ever feel we don’t care about his dreams. Because frankly, we don’t want him to make us feel that way.

If we stop dreaming with our man, it can cause us to loose a closeness.

We share our dreams with those who we trust and feel intimate with. If we stop sharing those dreams with our husband, it could be a red flag for us. We may need to examine what’s going on within us so we can deal with it and move forward. There are legitimate times in life where we are busy or tragedy does strike and dreaming with one another may not be as often. It may be because of those times that we don’t feel as close and so we don’t share our dreams or plans. The best thing to do is pray the Father reveal the stumbling block and work in both our hearts.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and one of those beauties is to open up and share our heart. If you’ve stop dreaming and sharing those with your man, I encourage you to figure out why. We never want to stop supporting each other’s dreams and plans. We want to keep that door open and seek out all the plans the Father has for us.

Father, thank You for all the plans that You have for our marriage. Help us to never stop dreaming with our man. Help us to stay open and connected so we feel comfortable sharing our intimate dreams and plans for the future. Show us any issue that is hindering the openness that You desire for marriage. May we let go of anything that is a stumbling block for us being open with our husband. We desire to grow and keep dreaming of all the plans You have for us as a couple. Help us to never give up on dreaming for our future. In Jesus’ name, Amen.











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