More Lessons from Our Arrows



One of the many lessons that I’m learning from motherhood is selflessness. Oh it’s a hard lesson, one in which I’m not through being taught. We’re all naturally selfish and want everything our way, but when you have other humans to think about, it sure puts a new light on situations. We have to start thinking of others more and ourselves less, which can be tough at times.

There are some days that I don’t feel like having to cook, teach, or even stop arguments. I would much rather be writing, taking pictures, or swinging on our porch. Our children are helping me learn what it means to serve. Though, I’m still learning to serve them without complaint because that is definitely a work in progress. Our children are not only for us to help, but they also can help us.

By serving them, I’m learning how to humble myself and serve even when it’s hard.

The Father will use our children to help rid us of our selfishness if we’ll allow Him. We can learn a lot from having to put our desires on hold for their needs. That’s okay too. Through our service to them, they can learn to serve. It really doesn’t hurt me to put a desire to the side if my child needs me. It can teach us self-discipline and self-control. We hear so much that we should do what we want or to seize the day, but Jesus strictly taught against that mind set.

When we begin to see our children as tools the Father wants to use, it can be freeing and wonderful. They’re not here to pester us, though some days I know we all wonder. They’re here to help us learn and grow into the person the Father desires.

So don’t despise what the Father may want to teach you or how He may choose to teach you. Those little arrows can be a huge blessing to us, even when we don’t like it. Allow Him to rid you of selfishness through whatever means possible, even your children.

Father, for give us for our selfish ways. You are too good to us. Help us to see what You’re trying to accomplish through our children. May we die to our selfish desires and serve as You served. We want to be good vessels of honor for Your glory. Help us to be an example to our children of how to serve. We want to be able to point them to You through our service. Continue to rid us of sinfulness and mold us back to Your image. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Do nothingĀ from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;

Philippians 2:3


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