Word-Filled Wednesday



Doubt. It’s the enemy of faith. Yet, we all doubt.

Have you ever wandered what causes doubt? We serve the mighty God of the universe, but somehow we still doubt. It’s the trait we don’t care to admit or possess. I have doubted more times than I care to share. It just seems so easy to do, like it’s our nature. I think we’ll always doubt to an extent, after all we are human. So totally banishing any doubt is probably unrealistic, but if we are continually doubting there may be some deep hidden issues to deal with.

When we’re continually doubting, it can hinder our full trust in the Father.

Maybe He let us down in a way that really hurt us. His ways aren’t ours and it could be that His way wasn’t what we desired. We can’t let that keep us from not trusting again though. Or it could be that man let us down and we’re afraid to really trust the Father. Men will let us down at some point, but we can’t hold that against the Father. We have to let that go. Some incident has caused our continual doubt and we can ask the Father to reveal it to us. Doubt makes us a wishy washy person, someone who isn’t steady.

The Father doesn’t want that for us and we really don’t either. Continual doubting can be stressful and drain us. If we never feel we can rely on the Father, we’re going to be unstable. The Father wants us to be secure in Him. We can only do that if we let our walls down , stop doubting, and truly trust Him. Fully trusting Him is a stress reliever and amazing. If we ask Him to reveal the issue to us, He will do it, just be prepared to deal with it.

Don’t be afraid to admit your doubt, but don’t forget to ask for help to trust Him with all Your heart. He has so much in store for us, His children. He wants to do things beyond your limit and borders, it just takes faith.

Father, help our unbelief! You are so  and faithful and trustworthy. Reveal to us why we’re so hesitant to really trust You. Man will always let us down, but You don’t. Show us our wrong thinking and give us wisdom to see Your trustworthiness. We don’t want to be double-minded or always doubting. Help us to let You heal our wounds so we can trust without borders. In Jesus’ name, Amen.





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