When Darkness Creeps In



There will be times in life where we feel alone or like we’re in the dark. I know there have been many times that it seemed the darkness of trials hid the Father from me. I grasped for Him, it didn’t matter how small or insignificant it was, just to feel His presence in my life.

You may feel like the Father is hidden and you can’t see or feel His presence in your life. Darkness does not eliminate the Father. It can’t. Darkness may seem to hide His presence from us, but it’s there. We just have to seek it out and pursue it. I want to share a verse in one of my favorite songs that says when darkness seems to hide His face, I rest on His unchanging grace (strength).

When we feel that way, we can remember…

When we can’t see His hand at work in our lives, we can rest on His character.

Even when we feel like He’s abandoned us, we can trust that He never leaves us.

He never changes.

When we think of all His miracles in our life, we will be blown away by His love. Even the smallest act of His can lift us up and encourage us to know He’s working in our life. The enemy wants nothing more than for us to feel defeated and alone. He tries so hard to make us feel abandoned. If we look back to all He’s done we can gain strength. That’s what we’re continually told to do throughout scripture, to remember. Remembering His greatness will help battle doubt and lies.

Looking back to all His testimonies and His unchanging strength in our lives can encourage us.

We can remember His character so it can help us fight off lies and deceit. We can’t let the enemy have his way in our mind, so we have to start recalling those victories. The mind is our battlefield. If we just throw our hands up and whine, we have given the enemy an open door. The Father doesn’t tell us to remember His faithfulness for no reason. He knew we would be tested and tried, so He gave us instructions to remember how faithful He is.

Those times will come where we feel alone or when it seems we can’t see Him working in our lives. We just have to remember our feelings don’t speak truth, but His Word does. He’s always working in our lives, even when it’s dark.

Father, we’re never alone, even in our darkest time. You are always with us, even when we can’t feel You. Darkness cannot hide Your greatness. Help us to remember all Your acts and deeds You have done for us. Help us to fill our minds with Your Word and push away lies and doubt so we can fully trust You. You are stronger than anything we’ll endure and You are holding on to us. May we cry out for wisdom, comfort, and discernment. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Lord, Your testimonies are completely reliable;
holiness is the beauty of Your house
for all the days to come.

Psalm 93:5


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