Word-Filled Wednesday



Our study of the disciples has been so eye opening. To see how much we resemble they’re actions and ways has been helpful. We recently look at Philip and an encounter he had with Jesus. He tells Jesus to show them the Father. Jesus replies with, “Have I been with you this whole time without you knowing me?” That’s a bold question and one I can hear as I make statements like Philip.

There have been many times in my life that I’ve cried out to the Father for His help. I desperately needed His intervention in a situation and it just didn’t seem as if He was doing His part.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the Father’s hand in a situation. The situation may seem desperate or hopeless. We may not see His hand at all and feel as though He’s abandoned us. It does seem at times that He’s hidden or not listening, but what we can’t see is how the Father is working behind the scenes. He is always near and working in our lives. We can pray for the Father to open our eyes to see Him working.

Just because we can’t see His hand doesn’t mean He has left us without help.

At other times, we may not recognize the Father’s hand in our life. It may be that the situation isn’t going as we think, so we assume the Father isn’t in it. We have to remember that the Father’s ways aren’t our ways. He will work in ways that we may never dream of. Usually we have the steps planned out and are expecting Him to work just how we would. We should pray for wisdom to see what He’s doing.

Are you feeling this way? Are you crying out to the Father and it seems like He doesn’t care? Try asking the Father to help you see through His wisdom. He’s always working in our lives. He never leaves us or the situation. Our eyes just have to be looking through His lens on life.

Father, thank You for always taking care of us and working in our lives. Open our eyes to see Your hand at work in our lives. At times, we feel You’ve left us, but reassure us that You never leave us. When You aren’t working as we think You should, help us to remember Your ways are higher than ours. Help us to embrace however You’re working in our lives and cling to what we know is right. We know You are working in our life, even if we can’t see it. We do desire to see it, so show us, reassure us, and comfort us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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