Giving Him Space



I’ve talked about trusting our husband to make decisions and how important that is in our marriage. The other day I realized another element that’s important to trusting our husband’s decisions. I realized it through trial and error, you know, life experience. My husband and I were trying to decide on something (small) and I sort of rushed him. He never said anything to me, but the Holy Spirit did.

When we’re faced with decisions as a couple, we’re going to react different to each one. Sometimes we may be quicker at coming to a conclusion, but it may take our husband longer. At other times, it could be the other way around. It will depend on the topic of decision with most of us. So if we’re on the waiting end, we should give our man the room and time to think through the decision. Pushing him to hurry up and make a decisions could result in the wrong decisions, one we may regret for a long time.

We have to give our man space to make decisions.

We should never want to overstep the Father working in our husband. Yet, if we’re pressuring him to hurry with his decision we may doing just that. The Father wants to guide our husband and teach him without us rushing him. I know it can be hard to wait sometimes, but we have got to learn how. We can pray that our husband hears clearly from the Father and chooses to do what the Father has instructed him to do. I don’t like to be rushed or nagged, so why should I do it to him? I’ve got to display patience with him as I would desire him to do towards me.

Nagging, rushing, or pressuring won’t profit anything. Sitting back and giving our husband the space he needs to make a decision will reap far more than we’ll ever know.

Father, it can be so hard to wait and let our man make a decision at times, but we know that’s Your desire. Help us not to nag or rush him when we’re faced with a decision. Give us the patience to wait. Help us to remember to pray for him to hear You. We want to be good wives. We don’t want to create problems that may last a lifetime. So strengthen us to be patient and pray earnestly for our husband. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Proverbs 18:22





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