Word-Filled Wednesday



I look at all the evil that is going on in the world, our nation as well, and it breaks my heart. It’s changed from just 5 years ago. I can think back when I was in high school almost 15 years ago and life was much more happy. The world didn’t seem as bad as it does now. With all that is going on today in the world, we need some comfort and hope. Events of today can really drag you down and fill your mind with sadness. In our study of Psalm 119 a few years back I was encouraged and reminded. Reminded what the Father gives us.

The Father gave us His words, testimonies, and acts of might, mercy, and love to encourage us. His acts and testimonies will always lift us up. They will revive us and restore our minds back to hope. What a wonderful Father we have! He doesn’t have to scream back at evil, His voice alone causes mountains to tremble. God doesn’t want us to be depressed by events in our life, nation, or our world. He wants us to be aware and repent, but we don’t have to feel defeated. His words and speech can give us hope and comfort us in our time of affliction as the psalmist says.

When life is depressing and discouraging, we can turn to His words in the scriptures.

When events scream despair, our God simply says hope.

When others scorn our decision to follow God and His Law (Word, instruction), we can rest in Him.

We can know that He will bless us and guide us no matter what. We have one God, Yahweh, and that’s who we should seek refuge in and worship. Run to Rock of our salvation. Seek Him every day and follow His instructions. They bring us life and hope. He is our only hope.

Father, thank You for the words You’ve given us to live by! Oh what a God we serve! You are mighty and strong! You are our shelter and strong tower. May we hope in Your words and instructions for life. May we not forsake You or Your words, precepts, and statues. Help us to turn to you when we’re discouraged and afflicted. May we meditate on Your Word so we won’t turn away from it. May we be a light to the nations, a light in this dark place. Help us to obey You no matter what. Thank You for Your strength in these wicked day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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