Home: A Worthwhile Investment


Home. It’s something I’m passionate about.

A safe haven and an atmosphere to thrive.

A place to teach and instruct.

Somewhere to always feel welcomed and loved.

I have to constantly be reminded how important our role as parents is to our society. As Mothers, we have to fight hard against the naysayers as we strive to be the Mother the Father wants us to be. Whether you are a stay-at-home Mom or a working outside of the home Mom we face battles. If you stay at home, you are seen as not motivated, not intelligent, and homely. If you go to work outside of the home, you are seen as uncaring, self-serving, and not in touch. Both have stereotypes and that will never change. What shouldn’t change is our desire to create a space where our children, our husband, and ourselves can grow and learn together.

We have a ministry within the four walls of our home and it’s the most important in my opinion. If we believe ministry begins when we walk out of the doors of our home, we’re sadly mistaken. Preaching the gospel and discipleship begins before we ever leave our homes. If we aren’t putting time into home, then all else is done in vain. Homes make up society and if homes are broken then won’t society be broken also?

Loving our husbands because they are our first neighbor. Caring for our children because they are of our flesh. If we could truly grasp the weight of doing those, I think we would all become more aware and in tune. We have to reject the lies from the part of society that says what we do inside our homes doesn’t matter. We have to refuse to believe that our role as Mothers doesn’t really have that much influence over our children, husbands, and homes. Those are lies from Satan that are to distract us and make us feel less worthy.

This journey of parenting is anything, but easy. I know I’m not the only one who has constantly battled thoughts of unworthy and not important. I remember being a first time Mother wondering what good was my “job” and feeling like what I did was meaningless. The fruit from our labor isn’t as public as some and it certainly isn’t as fast sowing. To the common eye, what we do as parents does seem meaningless. We give up a lot to raise, disciple, bond, and learn with our children. It’s a process of learning to be selfless and it’s not fun or easy.

So for those who choose that path of the road less traveled to be unconventional it will be a constant battle. It will be a rewarding end though. They are arrows and we can help aim them in the direction that pleases the Father no matter what society tell us. What we do matters and our home matters more than anything. If you are connected to the vine (God), then you have an unending source of strength, comfort, and joy. He is the only way in which we can parent and see good fruit. It doesn’t come from ourselves and obviously not from society. He is our refuge, counselor, guide, and help in the good and bad times.

Don’t allow Satan to deceive you into believing your role as Mother doesn’t matter and isn’t influential. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Stand with your hands lifted high to the One who has called you to this work.

Father, thank you for those who encourage us in the fight of parenting. It is hard and tiring, but be our strength. Help us to see what we do matters as parents, as Mothers. Help us to block out all the negative thoughts and opinions about intentional parenting. Your Word is the only truth and want to stand on it. Help us to see our children as You see them. Help us realize we only have a little while to train, disciple, love, teach, and bond with our children. Help us to make the most of these years so we don’t look back with much regret. We want children that love You and respect others. Help us to be that example and continuing in the trenches with our family doing Your will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the sons born in one’s youth.

Psalm 127:4


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