White As Snow


A couple of months back, we had our second snow of the Winter. For Southeast Mississippi, that’s pretty wild. Our boys woke me up with squeals and giggles due to the white that dusted our yard. They were so excited and happy to see the snow, to touch it, and of course taste it. Seeing their joy was touching, I have to admit. We wandered out in the yard and the woods admiring it’s beauty. It covered everything in it’s path making for a layer of pure white.

It made me think of the Father and His words. In Isaiah He compared His forgiveness to snow. He said the sins would be covered and become white as snow. Though they were red like crimson they would be no more. What a beautiful promise and picture. If you haven’t ever seen snow, maybe you can’t picture it and I’d never thought of it like this until I saw it with my own eyes. The beauty of the pure white snow glistening in the sun is breathtaking. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of just how beautiful it was. We tend to not forgive ourselves as easy as the Father and that can hamper the release and beauty of forgiveness.

Though our sins make us scarlet red.
Our Messiah took the nails and bled.
He makes us white as snow,
He cleanses us with the flow.
It washes over us like a flood,
The Passover Lamb’s blood.

As we approach Passover, we can get a glimpse of what our Messiah has done for us. The sacrifice and blood that Jesus shed on the cross is what cleanses us. Just think, when we confess and turn from our sin, we are as beautiful as the unblemished snow. The Father sees nothing after we have confessed that sin. He sees beauty, His beauty covering us like snow. The blood of Jesus covers that sin. All the bad, the ugly, and the nasty is cleansed once we repent and turn from it. As the children of Israel applied that blood of the lamb to their doorpost, we now can have the blood of Jesus applied over our doorpost (hearts). He is our Passover Lamb that was sacrificed once and for all. I love this feast of the Father. I am so humbled He would send His Son for me. Thinking on this act should really humble us.

Imagine if we were in awe of His forgiveness as our kids are in awe of the snow. Not just one time, but multiple times. I think we hold ourselves back from feeling that release and of being in awe at times. Look how many times the children of Israel turned from Him and He beckoned for them to come back. He wanted to cleanse them, have them trust Him, and walk in His ways. He desires the same for us. Once he became that atonement for sin, he promised a comforter to help them and we have the same promise. Though we mess up, we can overcome the temptation through the Holy Spirit.

If you feel you are too far gone, you aren’t. He wants to take away the guilt of the sin to make you white as snow and crimson no more.

Father, we really can’t fathom the depths of Your love for mankind. You make us beautiful with Your righteousness and forgiveness. May we never forget that. Help us to see how beautiful the process of forgiveness and confession is in Your eyes. Just as the snow blankets all in it’s path, Your forgiveness does the same for us. Help us to forgive ourselves and allow the release which You want to give us. Help us to see a glimpse of what our Savior did when he became our Passover Lamb. His blood shed to make us white as snow when we repent, confess, and receive forgiveness. May we never forget what price was paid. We praise You for Your mercy, faithfulness, love, and majesty. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Come, let us discuss this, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they will be like wool.

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭1:18‬ ‭


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