Allusive Grass



The grass we planted in our front yard finally begin growing. It looked so lush and green as I came walking back from the mailbox. As I came closer, it begin to look thinner and splotchy. I thought to myself that my eyes have deceived me. It looked so good from afar off. It was so vibrant and so lush. The saying ‘The grass always looks greener on the other side’ came to mind. Isn’t that what we do in our marriages a lot of times?

We’re all guilty of it. We see the Instagram or Facebook posts of all our friends with their perfect husbands. The mushy posts gushing with love and admiration makes you wonder what they’re doing right and what you’re doing so wrong? We see their edit shots from life and not the original cuts. So naturally we think they have it all together.

They never argue or disagree about decisions.

They never go through trails or have a bad day.

They just have it made..

and it makes us look and see all the flaws in our marriage.

If we saw them on a daily basis or even weekly basis, we would know they aren’t perfect and they’re very much like us. Just like with our grass, the closer I came, I saw the imperfections. I realized that it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t as thick as it looked from afar off. Marriages are like that. Others see our marriage and may think we have it all together, the same as we think about them. If we would be real and honest, it would encourage others much more. They wouldn’t feel inferior to us and see we aren’t a fairy tale in the making.

Marriages aren’t made to be perfect. We are fallen humans and we need a Savior. We need to seek His guidance and His will for our marriages and not focus on others. He can use our marriages to sharpen us, mold us, and humble us. We just have to stop looking at other marriages and start looking at our own. We should try to see what others see in our marriage that is good.

Our marriages will only be as good as the effort we put forth. Surrendering our hearts, desires, and emotions to God is the best thing we can do in our marriages. He has plans far beyond what we can see.

Father, thank You for our marriage. We may not see what we want too see, so help us to see what You see. Help us to stop focusing on all the negative and start looking for the positive. May we not focus on everyone around us, but may we focus on ourselves. We want a marriage that joy is found even in the trials. We can have that, if we’ll surrender to You and Your ways for us. Help us to be humble and take reproof when it’s given. We want to be women who are honest and real, yet give hope for the hurting. We want our marriages be an example to others and our children. We thank You for this blessing of marriage and our husbands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

James 4:10


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