Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here


Mid February our part of the U.S. started to warm up. Shortly after two record snow falls and frigid temps, Spring began to creep upon us. Everything was covered in a thin layer of pollen. You couldn’t touch anything without the yellow powder showing up on you. It was funny to watch our boys touch or brush up against something then exclaim, ‘There’s pollen on me!’

As we’ve been counting to the feast of Pentecost, I thought about the Holy Spirit. It can be compared to pollen relating to our lives. We should want His Spirit to cover us, every area of our lives. When Jesus breathed his last breath and the veil was torn, it opened the way for The Father’s Spirit to dwell in us all simultaneously. On the days leading up to Pentecost, he told His disciples to wait for him in Jerusalem and the Comforter would come. When it came upon them on the day of Pentecost, they were bold and did things they couldn’t before.

The Holy Spirit will work through us to do things we never thought possible.

If we don’t have His Spirit in us and helping us, we are missing out on so much. It should be obvious that we operate in His Spirit versus our own strength. That’s what helps us overcome our flesh and temptations.

When tragedy strikes, His Spirit will empower you to act in ways you normally wouldn’t.

When fear tries to creep in, the Spirit gives us the boldness to rebuke it in Jesus name.

When we’re testifying of the Father, His Spirit will speak through you to glorify His name.

We desperately need His Spirit in our lives. The disciples had walked with Jesus and now it was time for them to do miracles only he had performed. It was time for them to be the hands and feet and to testify of the Father. If they walked with the Messiah and they needed the Holy Spirit, how much more do we? We’re no different from them when it comes to needing boldness, strength, and comfort. He longs to have His Spirit in His children so we can walk out all He commands.

When we don’t think we can, the Spirit will give us the strength. Letting the Spirit invade every area of our life and convict us where we need to change is one of the most important things we can do. He desires we have it and operate through it. It empowers us to do things beyond our capability. So let His Spirit invade you and operate through you.

Father, thank You for Your Holy Spirit and the ability to have it dwell inside each of us. We desire for it to help us do what we cannot do in our own strength. We want it to convict every area of our lives and help us to make the changes You desire. We need Your Spirit to comfort us, guide us, and convict us. We want our lives to honor You. We want the power to walk out all that You command and instruct us to do. We can’t do that in our own strength, but only through the power of Your Holy Spirit. We praise You for giving us such powerful weapons to fight this fight. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit—the Father will send Him in My name—will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you.

John 14:26


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