You Are Not Alone

  A few months back, I was doing this amazing study on my You Version Bible study app called Overwhelmed By My Blessings. It was such a blessing for myself to receive some encouragement and wisdom from another Mama who was once where I am. It has felt so good to here someone else say, […]

Hearts of Flesh

  Some days I think I pray more than I ever thought I would. Having children is hard y’all. I was just thinking the other day about the verse in Ezekiel where he talks about stony hearts being turned into fleshy hearts. I thought about how I want out boys’ hearts to be transformed into […]

Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here

Mid February our part of the U.S. started to warm up. Shortly after two record snow falls and frigid temps, Spring began to creep upon us. Everything was covered in a thin layer of pollen. You couldn’t touch anything without the yellow powder showing up on you. It was funny to watch our boys touch […]