Word-Filled Wednesday

  It’s so exciting to read back over some of Paul’s letters and the epistles. They lived in some exciting (and scary) times. Our study of I Timothy has been really enlightening so far. Honestly, I thought that book is sort of not real equipping for someone like me. I’ve always been told it was […]

2017 Here We Come!

As we say goodbye to 2016, what events do you reflect on the most? I hope the ones that make you smile, you will keep forever in your memory. For the ones that you want to forget, I hope you learned a lesson from them. There is always a lesson to be learned from all […]

What I’d Tell a Newlywed Me

  My husband and I started our tenth year of marriage together¬† yesterday. That’s a pretty big deal now days. We were so young and so in love. We really knew nothing about marriage or life, or at least I didn’t. One morning as I was putting on my make up, I begin to think […]

His Eye Is On the Sparrow and You

  A few weeks ago, our boys found some baby Sparrows. They came running in with excitement, proclaiming they had rescued the babies. They were upset that the Mother bird had left them in the brush, near the back of the yard. They wondered how they would eat and survive. They insisted on us keeping […]

Oh How We Need You!

This world can be so distracting. So many different things can catch our eye. From the gadgets, to activities, to entertainment, and sports, we can be so busy with nothing of importance. Having hobbies or being interested in one of those isn’t necessarily bad either. We just have to know where the limit is and […]

Encouraging Our Little Ones

  We hear so much about encouraging the older children in each family. I’ve often wanted to read a post about encouraging our little ones since that’s what I have. My boys are all under the age of eight (8 1/2 he would say). It seems that those ages can be the “you’re in my […]

Life Is a Cycle

  As we did our Ecclesiastes study, I thought about life and it hit me. Life is hard and life is easy for everyone, not just me. It seems to be smooth sailing for awhile and then out of nowhere you’re shipwrecked. It seems you’re sinking and you can’t find a life saver anywhere in […]